How Tutoring Works at Ivory Tower

Where We Meet

Usually, tutoring sessions are held at a coffee shop or library conference room convenient for both student and tutor inside the perimeter, unless special arrangements are made. If the student has no particular preference for meeting location, I tend to stick close to Midtown.


I am available for tutoring seven days a week, mornings, afternoons, and early evenings. The most convenient times tend to fill up in advance of the major test dates and deadlines, so scheduling well in advance is recommended.

Initial Consultation

All students, prospective or paid, begin their study with a free 30-minute consultation appointment. At that appointment, we will discuss your goals and your previous test preparation experience and plan out a study schedule for both the tutoring and your individual study time.


I am familiar with the methods and products of all the major test preparation companies, so if you have already begun your study with materials from them, that is where we will pick up. If I think you need to supplement with additional books, preptests, or other study aids, I’ll suggest further purchases.

If you have not begun studying already, we will discuss which books and tests to buy at the initial consultation. In general, allow yourself a budget of at least $100 for prep materials. Most students need less than that, but that’s a good average starting cost.

Subsequent Meetings

In general, the tutoring sessions will last for two hours at a time. It is possible to meet for less than that, though in my experience two hours is optimal–much less, and the session is over right as you begin to have the big breakthrough; much more, and students tend to get burned out. Obviously, though, we will work to find the pace and duration that works best for you.


Once scheduled, tutoring sessions must be paid in advance, either by cash, check, or by credit card or bank transfer through PayPal. The pricing page covers the costs for individual sessions and discounted blocks of hours.

Cancellations, Rebooking, No-shows, etc.

Once we have scheduled a session, you may, if necessary, rebook it for a later date at no penalty providing you are able to give at least twenty-four hours notice. Cancellations within twenty-four hours of the scheduled appointment will result in forfeit of the pre-purchased time.

If you are going to be more than fifteen minutes late for an appointment, I will wait, providing you call or text with that information; otherwise, after fifteen minutes, I’ll consider it a no-show and the appointment will be cancelled and the purchased time forfeited.

Request your initial free 60-minute consultation and planning session today.

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