One of the main advantages to working with an independent, unaffiliated tutor is price. Most of the larger test prep companies charge well over $110/hr for tutoring, some substantially more. To get a tutor with comparable experience, The Princeton Review, for example, will charge you $275.00/hr and require that you commit to a twenty-four hour package paid upfront just to get that!

For GRE, GMAT, and LSAT Tutoring, Ivory Tower’s prices are as follows:

Package Sessions Cost Per hour
Single – 2 hours 1 $160 $80/hr
Lite – 8 hours 4 $600 $75/hr
Standard – 16 hours 8 $1,120 $70/hr
Extended – 24 hours 12 $1,560 $65/hr
Intense – 32 hours 16 $1,920 $60/hr
Exhaustive – 40 hours 20 $2,200 $55/hr


Books & Other Prep Materials

If you have already purchased books (either from a retailer like Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or directly from one of the major test prep companies), it is absolutely no problem to work from those. If you’ve not purchased any preparation materials, you will need to obtain those on your own. At the initial setup meeting, one of the things we’ll talk about is which books you ought to buy and from where.

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