Just took my GMAT. I couldn’t be more excited, given that I did the best I theoretically could have. I ended up sending the scores for the first time (in three sittings!), which I definitely don’t regret. Thanks SO much for all your help! I really enjoyed working with you.

–A happy GMAT student from Decatur — Score Improvement: 170 points

Two weeks ago I took my GRE for the LAST time (and having taken it six (6) times, that is really saying something). I am walking away with the very best scores I can imagine: 740 Verbal/740 Quant. up from a previous high score of 550 Verbal/640 Quant. and a low score of 450 Verbal./570 Quant. (that’s nearly 200 points higher on my verbal high score and 300 on my low!). For the first time in my life, my standardized testing scores match my general academic performance and that is in no small part due to the excellent tutoring Carl provided. His consistent belief and expression of confidence in my ability to do well on the test despite a documented learning disability and waning self-confidence combined with his humble patience and stress free attitude provided exactly the environment I needed to achieve on the GRE. His keen awareness of my particular needs, especially regarding the management of anxiety, provided greater insight into the precise nature of my testing difficulties than any psychologist ever has. The GRE has been my main (if not only) impediment to getting admission into a top graduate school and now my scores are higher than those schools’ averages. For that I am deeply grateful.

–A happy GRE student from New Haven — Score Improvement: 170 Quantitative, 190 Verbal

I. Loved. Him. 🙂

–A happy LSAT student from Tampa — Score Improvement: 23 points; 97th percentile overall

Carl gives great tips to his students! He encourages his students to go beyond their expectations. He preached to us that everyone is capable of getting the score they want. Confidence is the key on the LSAT. I valued this in his sessions.

–A happy LSAT student from Atlanta — Score Improvement: 18 points; 90th percentile overall

I took the LSAT at Life University on December 5. The location was perfect, the proctors were perfect, the other test-takers were mostly hilarious and sad. I counted at least 4 people around me who silently cried, and one who was flat out weeping. A few people actually gave up on the test and walked out. One girl sitting next to me nearly had a breakdown–she was super fidgety, kept applying and reapplying her lip gloss (which smelled annoyingly like pear) and would smack her lips, kept putting up and taking down her hair, and would let out a high pitched squeak at random.

As for the actual test: it went extremely well. I felt prepared, confident, and relaxed. Two sections were logic games; I felt very confident. The writing portion was a breeze. I finished early and felt good about my work. Overall, I thought I performed my best. My score is a cool 165—a 14 point leap from my diagnostic. I was ecstatic with my score. You exceeded all my expectations.

–A happy LSAT student from Macon — Score Improvement: 14 points; 92nd percentile

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