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My main teaching philosophy is that anyone can get the score they need on the LSAT, providing they have the time, a positive attitude, and the right help.  And I do mean anyone. But I also believe that no two people will master the LSAT in precisely the same way, and thus it’s critical to find a tutor who can adapt their methods to you, the test-taker, instead of trying to force everyone to do the test according to some hypothetical ideal.

That’s why I started my own tutoring business: to help test-takers find the methods that will work best for them on test day. Indeed, a great deal of my business comes from “rehabilitating” students who have been led down a wrong, damaging path by some random Craigslist tutor or even one of the big national companies.  But whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been mired in fruitless prep with one of the other guys, I think you’ll find my methods effective and my prices competitive.

Package Sessions Cost Per hour
Single – 2 hours 1 $160 $80/hr
Lite – 8 hours 4 $600 $75/hr
Standard – 16 hours 8 $1,120 $70/hr
Extended – 24 hours 12 $1,560 $65/hr
Intense – 32 hours 16 $1,920 $60/hr
Exhaustive – 40 hours 20 $2,200 $55/hr

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