Ivory Tower Tutoring is an independent tutoring service specializing in one-on-one preparation for graduate and professional school admissions tests.  If you are serious about scoring well on the LSAT, GMAT, or GRE, Ivory Tower Tutoring can offer:

Experience – Over eight years working with students of all kinds, from those who only need a few points to sharpen their application to those needing substantial across-the-board gains.
Expertise – In addition to posting scores in the 99th percentile on all three tests myself, I have worked in content development for a major national test prep company and trained others to teach and tutor as well.
Flexibility -  Tutoring is built around your schedule, whether you need to work in the morning, afternoon, or evening; during the work week or on the weekend;  at a location convenient to you throughout the Metro-Atlanta area.
Results – My LSAT students have jumped from the 130′s to the mid-160′s, the 140′s to the high-160′s, and even from the low 150′s to the mid-170′s; my GMAT students have regularly moved from the mid 500′s to the 600′s and 700′s; my GRE students have leapt from below 140 to the high 150′s, and from the high 140′s to the low 160′s.
Satisfaction – Of the over 1,000 test-takers who have studied with me over the last five years, over 95% report that they would recommend others do the same.

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