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Whether you’re still in college and looking to secure and MBA to start your career, or a well-established professional that needs credentials of a business degree to advance within your current career, I can help make the GMAT an manageable hurdle instead of an impassible obstacle. You’ll learn the computational shortcuts that the testmaker peppers the exam with opportunities to use, as well as which areas of math and verbal knowledge the testmaker considers non-negotiable.

Many test prep providers focus too much time on teaching obscure math concepts that are rarely directly broached on the test and not enough time on how the testmaker constructs the test questions to bedevil even the most mathematically gifted applicant. Similarly, in the verbal section, one must learn not to focus on the grammar rules themselves but on the way that the testmaker tests grammar, not on what the reading comprehension passages are “really about,” but on what sorts of questions the testmaker is able to ask about a particular sort of passage. In my private tutoring sessions, you will learn to blend a thorough grounding in the core test concepts with a rigorous understanding of the psychology of the testmakers.

Package Sessions Cost Per hour
Single – 2 hours 1 $170 $85/hr
Lite – 8 hours 4 $640 $80/hr
Standard – 16 hours 8 $1,200 $75/hr
Extended – 24 hours 12 $1,680 $70/hr
Intense – 32 hours 16 $2,080 $65/hr
Exhaustive – 40 hours 20 $2,400 $60/hr

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