GRE Tutoring

Ivory Tower offers personal one-on-one private tutoring for both the current GRE and the post-August 1st revised test, whether you’re worried about your vocabulary, the intentionally obscure reading passages, or all that math that you might not have looked at since your sophomore year of high school.

I can show you the little shortcuts that will shave time off of each question as well as shore up those skills that the test is uncompromising in testing. I can even, given the time, build your math skills up to the required level from the ground floor.

I also have extensive experience working with ESL students and the particular challenges that the GRE presents them.

Package Sessions Cost Per hour
Single – 2 hours 1 $170 $85/hr
Lite – 8 hours 4 $640 $80/hr
Standard – 16 hours 8 $1,200 $75/hr
Extended – 24 hours 12 $1,680 $70/hr
Intense – 32 hours 16 $2,080 $65/hr
Exhaustive – 40 hours 20 $2,400 $60/hr

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