Carl S. Pyrdum, III – The Ivory Tower Tutor

Carl is currently a PhD candidate completing his doctorate at Yale University in the Medieval Studies department and has previously obtained masters degrees in English Literature and Medieval Studies from Yale, The University of Georgia, and the University of Glasgow. An Atlanta native, he returned from New Haven to live and work in Georgia while he finishes the final stages of his dissertation. Over the course of his studies, Carl has taught undergraduate literature and history as an instructor at Yale, the University of Georgia, Oxford University, the University of Glasgow, the University of Connecticut, and Wesleyan College (Macon, Georgia).

At the same time, Carl has worked as a teacher and tutor for the LSAT, GMAT, and GRE for over thirteen years. He is one of two authors of the all-new revision of Barron’s GMAT guide and Barron’s Passkey to the GMAT, and has previously written content for Kaplan, Parliament Tutors, and Success Prep. Because of his lengthy experience, he is intimately familiar with the methods and principles used by the major test preparation companies and has developed a variety of methods of his own. ¬†Carl takes a different approach from the major national test prep companies in that he recognizes that each student is different and that no single method is best for all test-takers. Come test day, the most successful students will be those who have found ways to combine their own native strengths with an additional complement of of time-tested techniques learned through rigorous study. Carl enjoys helping his students find the approach that will allow them to meet confidently their future educational goals.

Carl lives in midtown Atlanta, near Emory, with his brother and a sulky, spoiled hound dog. He occasionally blogs on Medieval subjects at Got Medieval.